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Your Documents

Ø   Put your words into SyncWrite quickly and easily.

Upload the original documents that you want in SyncWrite from RTF or Word formats.

Ø   Keep them online and Edit them easily.

Edit your document by different colors. The User list can display the collaborators' online information, and the host has the right to stop collaborating.

Ø   Import them to your hard disk just as easily.

Save them individually in RTF, Txt or Word format easily.

Editing Documents

Ø   Practical desktop and convenient editing tools.

Just click the toolbar buttons to bold, underline, change the font, color and undo & redo, and more.

Ø   Save your data automatically.

Save the documents automatically to your hard disk every 3 minutes to prevent data loss.

Collaborating & synchronization

Ø   Invite someone who can access your documents.

Just enter the e-mail addresses of the people you want to share a document with, and then send them an e-mail message from SyncWrite. They can collaborate with you to edit the document together.

Ø   Share documents instantly.

Your collaborators will have instant access to shared documents once they sign into SyncWrite.

Ø   You'll not face collaborating conflicts.

SyncWrite can display the exact result intelligently or automatically when the conflicts happen, and it will not ask you to decide to accept or give up the words.

Ø   Communicate with each other securely, instantly.

Communicate with each other by the Instant Messaging (IM) which is encrypted by 256 bits keys by SyncWrite on the internet in real time.

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