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Collaborate Real Time Same Time  

Ø    Synchronize documents online and collaborate on demand .

Write, edit, and share documents on the Internet with multiple users simultaneously.

Ø   Solve writing and editing conflicts automatically.

Synchronize all changes automatically and correctly. What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) in real time, at the same time.

Ø  Write and edit your documents online securely . 

We don't keep or store your data. All data transfers between users are encrypted by 256 bits keys. Your documents will be saved locally every 3 minutes, automatically.  

Ø  Fast and Simple to use.

Refresh the collaborating changes in less than 3 seconds.  Work in a familiar Windows user interface.

Ø  Communicate with each other Instantly.

Exchange notes instantly with SyncWrite built in Instant Messaging (IM).

If you are interested in our software, please email us at:mailto:info@syncwrite.com

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