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Ø         How do I share a document with someone?

You can allow anyone with an e-mail address to share a document with you by adding them to the document's list of collaborators.

Ø         How many people can I invite to collaborate now?

You can invite any people, but only 2 persons can collaborate to edit the identical document in one session.

Ø         How can SyncWrite deal with the collaborating conflicts on the Internet?

SyncWrite can synchronize all changes automatically and correctly and it will not ask you to decide to accept or give up the words.

Ø         Can I communicate with the collaborators?

Sure, you can communicate with each other by the Instant Messaging (IM) which SyncWrite provides on the internet in real time.

Ø         How fast can SyncWrite display the result synchronously after every modification of the document?

SyncWrite can display the exact result in less than 3 seconds

Ø         How many active sessions can I be in?

At any moment, you can only be in one active session, no matter if you are the host or the invitee (the guest).

Ø         I try to join a session, but can't, why?

If you are invited, you have to wait for the host to open the session before you can join in.

Ø         Who can open the editing documents and share with other people?

Only the host can do that.

If I am a host,

Ø         Once I am in the editing session, how many documents can I open for sharing?

You can open only one document at a time. There are no restrictions on how many documents you can edit in a session.

Ø         How many edit sessions can I create?

You can create up to 5 edit sessions right now.

Ø         In each edit session, how many people can I invite to collaborate with me?

You can invite as many people as you want in each session, but in each editing session, only three people can write or edit, that means you and two other people you have invited.

Ø         I am already hosting a session, can I join other sessions?

Yes, you can. But, once you leave your hosted session, the session will be closed to you and your collaborator as well, so please be very careful.

Ø         I have to join another session, and I still want to keep my current session alive, what can I do?

You can transfer your host rights to another person who is already in your session, and leave. The session will still be alive but hosted by the person you appointed.

Ø         Can I change the permissions of other people?

Yes, you can. You can invoke anyone's writing/editing permission to Read Only at anytime as you wish. By default, everyone has read/write permissions in each session.

If I am invited,

Ø         Can I invite other people to join the edit session?

No, you can't. Only the session host has the right to invite other people.

Ø         Can I share documents with other people in a session?

No, you can't. Only the session host can share documents with other people.

Ø         How many edit sessions can I choose to join in?

You can join any sessions as long as you are invited, but at anytime, you can only be in one session.


Ø         How can I get your editor without downloading or installing anything?

You can download a copy of SyncWrite client from our website, and install it on your computer. Run the program and sign up to use SyncWrite services.

Ø         If suddenly I am offline, how can I recover my data, and where will I find my lost data?

When you are working, SyncWrite can save your data to your hard disk automatically every 1 minute. So you can find your data or document in "Save" folder of your installed SyncWrite client path.

Ø         How big a document can I upload?

Up to 512Kbytes.


Ø         How secure are my documents?

We don't keep or store your data. All data transfers between users are encrypted by 256 bits keys. Your documents will be saved locally every 3 minutes, automatically.


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