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REF: Cleveland Clinic J of Med   April 2002;69:329 Norman M Mann  

Drugs that can cause impaired smell or taste

Types of Smell Impairment:    (Normosomia is the name given to normal smell.)

Loss of smell can be the result of either mechanical obstruction of or neurologic damage to the nasal cavity, the neuroepithelium in the nasal canal, or the central olfactory elements.

Some of the Causes of Smell Impairment:

Smell Testing:

Treatment of Impaired Smell

Taste Impairment         (Normogeusia - normal taste)

The taste system detects sweet, sour, bitter, & salty qualities & protects us from ingesting possibly harmful substances.
Taste receotir cekks are found in the taste buds in the mouth, throat, larynx, & esophagus.  Four different cranial nerves (the V, VII, IX, & X nerves) provide the sensory coverage of the tongue & mouth.  THe V Trigeminal nerve is responsible for dtecting the burning sensation caused by peppers & ammonia.  Taste stimulants require salivary secretion to get to the taste buds.

Causes of taste dysfunction

Taste Testing

Treatment of Impaired Taste