PocketNotes for Adult Medicine

The Secret to enjoying medicine lies in caring for your patients.  
F. Peabody


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 This personal  PocketNotes for Adult Medicine  for physicians is designed as a quick reminder or review of some common topics in adult medicine.  It is not meant to be a comprehensive medical text book.

Final clinical decisions should be based on the current & evidence-based information from medical journals, CDs, text books, conferences, the Internet, or experts.  Please check standard drug books for proper drug dosages.

Any helpful suggestions & contribution to improve the usefulness of this PocketNotes for Adult Medicine are welcomed.

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This PocketNotes  for Adult Medicine is for personal use only.  The author assumes no responsibility for the consequences, direct or indirect, from the use of this personal notes by other users.  

The information provided in this personal notes should not take the place of advice and guidance from your own health-care providers. Be sure to check with your doctor about changes in your treatment plan.

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 Annal of Int-Med  
 ACP Journal  
 Arch of Int-Med  
 The Lancet  
 Postgrad Med 
 Postgrad Med J  
 Am Fam Physician

 This Week's Journals


  Drugs Info
 Clin Pharm 2000 


   Clinical Guidelines
   National Guidelines
   UCSF Guidelines
   K-P Guidelines (NoCal)  
   K-P Guidelines (SoCal)  
   ACP Guidelines
   Heart Guidelines (AHA)
   Medscape Guidelines
   ID Guidelines  


   Medical Textbooks
   S.A.Med Online (via WebMD)   
   The Merck Manual  
   Doctor's Reference Site  
   Multimedia Textbooks  
   Gray's Anatomy Online Book  



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