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*DIARRHEA                         See  Infectious Colitis  |  Bacterial diarrhea

A. Osmotic type

  1. Laxative with magnesium, phosphate, or sulfate
  2. Carbohydrate malabsorption as lactose intolerance
  3. Antacids containing magnesium salts
  4. General nutrient malabsorption

B. Secretory type

  1. Toxin: toxinogenic bacteria (e.g. E.Coli, Vibrio)
  2. Drugs: alcohol, antibiotics, colchicine, antimetabolites, etc.
  3. Hormone producing tumors: Zollinger Ellison's syndrome, Glucagonoma syndrome, Carcinoid syndrome, Werner Morrison's watery diarrhea, hypokalemic alkalosis WDHA syndrome (excessive secretion of vasoactive intestinal peptide, pancreatic polypeptide,etc.)
  4. Malabsorption syndromes
  5. Irritative laxatives: castor oil, cascara
  6. Colon villous adenoma
  7. Ileal resection (hydroxy bile acids)
  8. Congenital chloridorrhea

C. Exudative type

  1. Infection: invasive bacteria, etc.
  2. Inflammatory: idiopathic ulcerative or granulomatous colitis
  3. Pseudomembranous colitis: antibiotic induced

D. Defective mixing or mucosal contact

  1. Intestinal resection
  2. Surgical intestinal bypass
  3. Enteroenteric fistulas
  4. Mechanical: fecal impaction