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Normocytic normochromic Anemia  

Check for acute blood loss first.                                                                                                 

A. Primary bone marrow failure

  1. Aplastic anemia
  2. Myelophthisic anemia:
    a. Leukemia & lymphoma.
    b. Other neoplasm.
    c. Myelofibrosis.
    d. Granuloma

B. Secondary anemias

  1. Anemia of chronic inflammation:
    a. Connective tissue diseases.
    b. Chronic infection
  2. Anemia or chronic renal failure
  3. Anemias associated with endocrinopathies:
    a. Hypothyroidism.
    b. Addison's disease.
    c. Hypogonadism.
    d. Panhypopituitarism
  4. Anemia associated with chronic liver disease

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