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Polycystic = Ovary=20 Syndrome

Robert L. Barbieri, M.D.
Harvard = Medical=20 School

Defin= ition/Key=20 Clinical Features
Diffe= rential=20 Diagnosis
Best = Tests
Best = Therapy
Best = References

Definition/Key Clinical=20 Features

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Differential = Diagnosis

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Best=20 Tests

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Best=20 Therapy

Irregular and = Infrequent=20 Menses=20 Hirsutism=20 Infertility Resulting from = Oligo-ovulation or=20 Anovulation=20
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Best References

Elnashar A: Human Reprod 21:1805, 2006 [PMID = 16543255]=20

Farquhar C: Cochrane Database Syst Rev = (4):CD000194, 2003=20 [PMID 14583916]

Grundy SM: Circulation 112:2735, 2005 [PMID = 16157765]=20

Hughes E: Cochrane Database Syst Rev (2):CD00056, = 2000=20 [PMID 10908458]

Lord JM: Cochrane Database Syst Rev (3):CD003053, = 2003=20 [PMID 12917943]

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