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2002 STD Treatment Guidelines
A simple guide to mixing emergency drugs for continuous infusion
ACLS for emergency physicians: Asystole
ACLS for emergency physicians: Bradycardia
ACLS for emergency physicians: PEA
ACLS for emergency physicians: SVT
ACLS for emergency physicians: V.Tach
ACLS for emergency physicians: VF-Pulseless VT
Acute Coronary Syndrome Management Algorithm (NEJM)
Acute Gouty Arthritis: Current Management
Administration of Digibind for Digitalis Intoxication
Algorithm for diagnosing an unknown skin disease
Algorithm for the Treatment of Hypertension
Antiviral Agents for Influenza
Antiviral Agents: CDC Recommendations
Burn Severity and Disposition
Calculating pediatric maintenance requirements and specific dehydration management
Chemoprophylaxis for Meningococcal Disease
Childhood 2001 Immunization Schedule
Clinically important drug interactions encountered in the ED
Comparison of systemic steroids
Compendium of Foodborne Illness
Concussion - Guidelines for Management and Return to Sports
CSF In Meningitis
Current Treatment: DKA
Current Treatment: HHS
Current Treatment: Pediatric DKA
Definitive Wound Care Reference, Part 1
Definitive Wound Care Reference, Part 2
Diagnostic Algorithm for Evaluation of Possible SAH
Drug Detection Time in Urine Following Last Dose
Endocarditis prophylaxis: Recommendations and Regimens
Glasgow Coma Scale
Hemophilia Treatment Protocols (1)
Hemophilia Treatment Protocols (2)
Hunt and Hess Classification of SAH
Interpretation of Hep B Virus Serologies
Laboratory Evaluation of Acute Renal Failure
Management of exposure to Varicella during pregnancy
Management of Marine Envenomations
Management of Nontherapeutic INR's
Management of varicella (chickenpox) during pregnancy
Maximum Lidocaine Dosing For Infiltrative Anesthesia
Methylprednisolone Protocol for Spinal Cord Injury
NEXUS Trial Low Risk Criteria
NIH Stroke Scale
Nomogram for acetaminophen toxicity
Ottawa Ankle Rules
Parenteral Drugs for Hypertensive Emergencies
Pediatric Exanthems in Emergency Medicine
Pediatric vital signs per age
PEP (1): General Outline for Management of Occupational Blood Exposures
PEP (2): Occupational Risk for Transmission of HBV, HCV,HIV & PEP Efficacy
PEP (3): Recommended Postexposure Prophylaxis for HBV
PEP (4): HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis Management
PEP (5): HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis Regimens
PEP (6): Available Resources for help with Occupational Exposures
Pneumonia Severity Index
Prevention of pregnancy in women who miss one or more oral contraceptives
Principles of Appropriate Antibiotic Use in Respiratory Infections
Properties of Available Insulin Preparations
Protocol for Intra-arterial Calcium Infusion for HFl Burns
Protocol for IV use of N-acetylcysteine in APAP overdose
Rabies Postexposure Prophylaxis Guidelines (Diagram 1)
Rabies Postexposure Prophylaxis Guidelines (Diagram 2)
Regional Differential Diagnosis of Lymphadenopathy
Removal of Football Equipment Following Cervical Spine X-ray
Repositioning Procedure for Benign Positional Vertigo
Revised Trauma Score
Sample Emergency Physician Admitting Orders
Sample Observation Unit Protocol for Abdominal Pain
Sample Observation Unit Protocol for Asthma
Sample Observation Unit Protocol for Chest Pain
Sample Observation Unit Protocol for dehydration
Sample Observation Unit Protocol for Flank Pain
Simple approach to the patient with anisocoria
Synovial fluid analysis
Ten medications that can kill a toddler with one dose
The 20 Commandments of COBRA
Treatment of Community Acquired Pneumonia
Treatment of Hemorrhage During Thrombolytic Therapy